"Pamona Lawn"

Pamona Lawn is the largest outdoor convention area at Oodles Hotel, with 40,000 sq.ft lawn space able to accommodate 1500 invitees. Proposing an ideal venue for seminars, product launch, exhibitions, big fat weddings, etc. Pamona is a majestic, beautifully landscaped venue that provides the perfect setting for all events and especially your fairy-tale day.

The verdant royal Pamona, with its well-manicured, elegant landscaping is the ideal venue for outdoor events. This magical setting has the hotel’s façade serving as a grand backdrop. Host the most memorable event, concert in an air of grandeur that will leave a mark in the sands of time.

Ample parking space, contemporary architecture, customized cuisine and flawless services make Pantheon the ideal choice for the hosting your event.